I was thinking about this today – what video would you show a guy who has never seen STAXUS before? Is there one from the last month that you could point to and say to them – here, check this out, this is what they do!?

It’s been a great month for amazing videos with some of the most stunning young men, wouldn’t you agree? In fact, I think this might be the best month we’ve had for amazing action for a while. We’ve had some truly impressive threesomes, and some great DP fucking, more than we would normally see thanks to the release of the Double Me series.

I was looking back through the recent arrivals on the site and thought about this for a while, wondering what scene I might send a link of, and I have to say I think it would be the most recent threesome twink DP video with Lucas Drake getting fucked by Adam Webb and Bjorn Nykvist.

It was actually really hard to decide, and if I were sending links to someone to get them to come and check it out I would probably send five or more lol

So, what about you guys? Which video from the month of April would you recommend to someone who’s just checking out the site for the first time?