I can’t believe it’s been so long since we last saw Milan Sharp on the Staxus site. This handsome young man was always a fan fave and the 32 videos he appeared in must have been watched thousands upon thousands of times.

He’s coming back to the site this month to get some action with one of the new boys, and I think they made the perfect choice in teaming him up with hung young hottie Joshua Levy.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing this one like you wouldn’t believe!

From what I’ve seen of the action so far this is going to have plenty of you guys fapping over it, but then again the sight of a hung twink like Joshua cramming his naked cock into a tight and smooth young versatile performer like Milan is likely to have every member on the site wanking out some juice with them :)

Versatile twinks are great to watch in action, and Milan has always been one of the best – and one of the cutest too.

Make sure you stick around on the blog to see some more pics of this one in a couple of days, and be ready for that video too.