You know what young guys are like these days, always following what’s happening on Twitter and constantly texting and messaging their friends every hour of the day and night, but I’m told that although you might get that perception of this new boy from these pics from set that’s not actually a fair representation of our new arrival.

Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to go away from this Behind the Scenes post thinking that handsome new boy Max Grey is addicted to his phone like so many other millenials. While it might look as though he’s one of those boys who can never put his phone down for more than five minutes, I’m reliably told that it was just an accidental coincidence that he happened to have his phone in his hand when each of these photos was taken, checking out some porn and getting himself worked up.

We’re getting our first look at the handsome young man in this post, on set with sexy young Sivan Ozzi for the new Foreskin Fuckers movie. We only have a few days before the full video arrives so this little sneaky look at the boys on set should have plenty of you eager for more. I know I’m looking forward to seeing this new star in action.

Although I haven’t seen the video yet, or the trailer, I can tell you that there will be a bit of a focus on some foreskin enjoyment at the start of their scene together, before they get really into their bareback anal, but I guess you probably could have predicted that from the title of the movie!

I can also tell you that Sivan is gonna be the boy topping in this one too. Yeah, not only are we getting a brand new gorgeous arrival to enjoy in his debut fuck for the STAXUS site, with a hot body and a great cock, he’s playing the bottom in his first outing.

I guess that shouldn’t have been such a surprise either, considering Sivan has been a great top in both the videos he’s been in so far. He’s a sexy young man who knows how to use his uncut cock to get another boy off and I totally expect him to deliver the same quality performance with new guy Max.

If you haven’t seen Sivan in his videos then I recommend clicking through and checking it out. In the meantime, enjoy this little early look at new boy Max and be ready for his first scene with us, one of many I hope!