We all know from previous exhibitions as to just how hyper-sexed young Jack Cameron is – how he basically lives from one hot, horny, cock-fuelled session to the next with little thought of anything else in that pretty little head of his in between – so it’s really no surprise how he reacts when he steps out of the shower to be confronted by the sight of Rudy Valentino asleep in bed and sprawled out in all his handsome glory.

Before you know it, the young slut is pulling back the duvet and pulling back Valentino’s foreskin – at which moment all sense of innocence is wisely tossed out of the window and the two guys embark on an all-too-carnal foray into the world of hardcore man-to-man action. The sight of these two sluts slurping away on each other’s knobs 69-style is certainly one definite highlight; but it’s Cameron bouncing up and down on Valentino’s cock, his own hard dick swirling round like a rotary blade in the process, that got us all hot and bothered.

By the time Valentino is banging away from behind, all Cameron’s self-respect has long since vanished; as he spurts a spray of ball-juice skywards, then allows his mate to whitewash his hairy ass!


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