Hi everyone,

I have been all over the place in the
last few weeks, sorry that I hadn’t kept up with my blog as much as I
would have wanted to.

I was away in Wales for a few days,
shooting a scene with Tristan Wood, and a threesome scene with Josh
Milk and Gabriel Angel and me. I had a good time in Wales, a country
I had never imagined I would ever get a chance to visit.

my Wales trip I also had a couple of days in Prague, shooting with
John Smith. I was excited about going to Prague again, every
shoot is different, every scene is a new experience.

I don’t like the train journey to
Prague though, it takes longer actually than to fly to the UK. First
I have to travel from my hometown to Budapest, which itself is 2
hours, then an 8 hour journey to Prague. I usually arrive a day
earlier than my first shoot, and while there I stay at the [link url=”http://join.staxus.com/track/MTAwMjI5LjEwMDIyLjUzLjE0NS4wLjAuMC4wLjA” title=”Staxus” target=”_blank” /]
studio. Despite the long train journey, I always enjoy being in the
lovely city of Prague and working with the guys over there.

After I returned from shooting the new
scenes in Wales and Prague for Michael Burling and John Smith, I
spent a couple of days at Lake Balaton with my friends. That was
really fun. The weather was great, the water was warm, and we were on
the beach almost all day every day.

If you are still thinking about where
you want to go on holiday this summer, why not consider Portugal,
Wales, Budapest, Prague, or any of the other beautiful countries and
cities in the wider European region. Who knows, you might
accidentally wander onto a Staxus set and catch a glimpse of your
favourite models in action.

Below you will find some more pics from Wales…

Have a good weekend guys!