I’ve been looking through some of the new pics from the SATXUS office for scenes coming up in the future and I have to share some of them with you.

Obviously, you know who these gorgeous boys are. We have handsome and hung Bjorn Nykvist beside the adorable and fit young Lucas Drake.

I think we know in advance that a pairing like this would be enjoyed immensely by the fans, and while I don’t know which of these boys is going to be topping who, I think most of us can guess that we might be seeing hung bareback boy Bjorn filling up that tight little ass.

We know that Lucas loves to bottom and we’ve seen him taking some pretty big cocks in his previous videos.

Bjorn is a versatile guy, but most of his appearances have been as a bottom, while many fans seem to want to see him using his big cock to top some of the greedy bottoms. I think that’s likely what we’re going to be seeing with this new video coming to the site.

While I don’t know when this video is arriving, I do know that it’s going to be a very popular one. I really can’t wait to see this one arrive!

Stick around on the STAXUS blog for more info on this one when we’re closer to the time :)