I might be showing my age again with this post, but I know I’m not the only one who remembers a time before texting. I have to say, though, the ability to text came about when I was at my peak of sexual exploration, so the timing for me was pretty good!

I have no idea how many horny guys I shared hot messages with back then, and it only got worse when we could start sending each other pics we just took. I dread to think how many old and grainy pics there are out their of my dick, maybe sitting on a long-dead phone in a box that some archaeologist will discover in a couple of hundred years lol

We’ve definitely moved on from those early days of sexting, and although it was something of a novelty back then it’s probably the most popular way for guys to hook up these days. So, I guess it’s only right that such a horny subject gets the STAXUS treatment.

I only have one pic to share with you for the upcoming Sticky Mucky Spunktexters arriving next month, but I think this image gives you guys a good idea of what the finished release is going to be like.

Here’s a tip: it’s going to be really good! :)

As you can see from the very tempting pic, hung young Bjorn Nykvist is going to be making an appearance (anything with this boy and his big uncut cock is going to be popular!) and he’s gonna be sharing it with adorable new twink Robin Rhea too. But that’s not all, it’s also going to be featuring three brand new boys who I know you’re all gonna love watching.

I don’t have any names for those boys just yet, but you can be pretty certain that if they’re being teamed up with the likes of Bjorn they know how to handle a long and hard cock and have the ability to impress the fans.

The story is all about horny boys hooking up through apps and texts, sending each other cock pics and sexy videos, enticing each other into getting their dicks out and having some real good fun.

Without knowing much about the movie it’s hard to be certain, but I can totally imagine that Bjorn is getting his big cock out and showing it off, and has plenty of horny young locals flocking to suck and ride it. Wouldn’t you be the same if you got a message from that boy?

I’m looking forward to the action, let me know in the comments what you guys think!