Whenever I ask guys who their favorite Staxus boys are some names come up again and again, and Dick Casey is one of them. This boy has been appearing in a lot of the posts on the blog recently, and for good reason. He’s so hot and so popular we’re always looking at more ways to get his handsome face and that gorgeous body out there for the fans to drool over.

He’s not just popular with the fans either, all the other Staxus boys are horny for him too, and whenever they get the chance to appear with him on video or in a shoot it can be a little out of control! You should see the way some of the boys jump on his cock when they see it, but with a thick uncut fuckstick like that it shouldn’t be so surprising I guess.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I think I should say it again, Dick Casey is a joy to work with. So many of the Staxus boys are, but Dick Casey has an energy about him and a lustful glint in his eye, as soon as he walks onto a set you know that it’s gonna be a great day!

For this Staxus photo shoot I wanted it to be all about Dick Casey, just showing off his awesome muscled body and that incredibly thick and juicy dick. It’s one of those solo shoots where you can tell from the images just how horny he was throughout it. We had him wanking his cock all the way through, and several times he had to stop before he squirted his cum load everywhere.

Some of the boys can get hard, pose and create some good shots and then just put their cock away and get on with things. But some of them get so horny and throbbing in a photo shoot that they have to wank their cum from their balls before they can get on with anything else. Dick Casey is one of those lads who can’t let a solid dick go to waste, and after we confirmed that we were done for the day he sat back in a chair and beat his meat for a couple of minutes before squirting a thick and messy load into a tissue.

Sometimes you just want to grab the camera and get filming when that happens, but other times you just have to let a boy be alone with his cock – he’d worked hard that day, and he deserved that little reward all to himself at the end of it ;)

Dick Casey Photo Shoot At Staxus (1)

Dick Casey Photo Shoot At Staxus (2)

Dick Casey Photo Shoot At Staxus (3)

Dick Casey Photo Shoot At Staxus (4)

Dick Casey Photo Shoot At Staxus (5)