Coming Soon on Staxus: Oversized Cock

I know for a fact that this coming video is going to please a hell of a lot of you guys when it arrives on the Staxus site. As you can see from the title, this is all about big dicks, but not only that, it’s a gay interracial twink porn scene too!

Yep, I remember that plenty of you couldn’t get enough of the interracial action we were seeing arrive on the site a couple of months back, and we’re kicking it off again with this amazing duo between Matt Johnson and Devon LeBron.

Devon is enjoying his own immense inches of dark fuckmeat as Matt watches, but the boy can’t just watch. He needs a taste of that long shaft, and he really needs that length sliding up into his fuck hole for a deep and raw slamming too!

I have to admit that when I’ve seen some of the big cocks the guys have and the boys taking them with such ease I am so often impressed, I couldn’t take some of the pounding these twink boys take. Just like you guys, I get so turned on seeing it, and this new gay interracial twink scene is going to have me wanking out more than one shot of jizz when it arrives ;)

Matt Johnson appears in a hot gay interracial twink fuck with Devon LeBron at Staxus (1)

Matt Johnson appears in a hot gay interracial twink fuck with Devon LeBron at Staxus (2)

Matt Johnson appears in a hot gay interracial twink fuck with Devon LeBron at Staxus (3)

Matt Johnson appears in a hot gay interracial twink fuck with Devon LeBron at Staxus (4)

Featured Scene: Dressed to kill in leather

Of all the many pairings on the Staxus site, and all the gorgeous young men sharing their dicks in some of the horniest action, I think you would find it hard to suggest that seeing Rick Lucas and Thomas Jefferson enjoying this amazing pairing is anything but incredibly horny.

The gorgeous uncut fit boys are perfectly matched in many ways. They’re both so handsome, and they both have great bodies too. Of course, they’re also matched in the cock department, and their lust for sucking and stroking is perfectly mirrored.

This is a great biker themed scene that I was really surprised I hadn’t watched yet, these are just the kinds of boys I love to see sharing a horny encounter on video.

The boys start off with some great wanking and sucking, pulling out each others already hard shafts to enjoy in a cock-swap, but when some ass is up for grabs we get a great close-up anal show that will get your engines running – see what I did there? Yeah, okay that was fucking lame lol

And of course, you can’t have a video like this with two gorgeous uncut boys without finishing off with some splashing cum loads, and they certainly deliver that as they wank themselves off and splash out their white creamy warm loads ;)

Staxus uncut fit boys Rick Lucas and Thomas Jefferson bareback (1)

Staxus uncut fit boys Rick Lucas and Thomas Jefferson bareback (2)

Staxus uncut fit boys Rick Lucas and Thomas Jefferson bareback (3)

Staxus uncut fit boys Rick Lucas and Thomas Jefferson bareback (4)

New Scene on Staxus: A different kind of interview HD

Well, it seems that quite a few of you have been enjoying this sexy scene with twink boys Jonny Castle and Chase Evans since it arrived on the site after yesterday’s sharing of pics on the Staxus blog, and I’m not at all surprised given the sight of both these boys and their gorgeous bod and hard cocks. The lads have that geeky look about them, and I know I’m not the only one who finds that incredibly hot!

Jonny is the boy in real need of some cock in this scene, inviting young Chase over for an “interview” that is anything but. Unless, of course, the boy is being interviewed for a job as a male escort, or “special” personal assistant. I don’t think many of you would turn down the opportunity to do the latter job if it meant sharing your cock and ass with a boy like Jonny ;)

There’s little time wasted, but the making out and stripping is very intense, with boners straining in underwear to be released for sucking. The mutual oral the boys share should have you all dribbling precum like you’ve been denied of a wank for months, but hold back for the real action and the sight of Chase sinking that naked shaft into Jonny’s tight little ass.

The boy gets it good, in various positions all over the bed, until both need to cum. Jonny unloads as he furiously wanks himself to a climax with the boys cock in his ass, but his friend isn’t far behind ;)

Both of these twink boys are real energetic in this one.

Jonny Castle fucked by Chase Evans

Featured Scene: Stiff, cut cock

Happy Hump-day everyone ;)

I taking that term quite literally with this gay interracial spitroast video, sharing it with you guys for one of this evening’s blog posts. I’m pretty sure you’re really gonna love this Staxus scene if you haven’t watched it and stroked out some cum to the action already.

I have to admit that I only found this one on the site when I went looking for some videos with Robert Driveman. I’ve been in a real muscle jock mood today, and after seeing him in another video I wanted to get a little more of that thick cut cock he has jutting out in front of him ;)

The handsome guy is the star of this one in my opinion, kicking things off as the jock being spied on in the shower by young twink Jack Roys. The cute boy is checking out the dicks in the changing room and wanking himself into a frenzy when the handsome Robert spies him through the peephole!

Rather than beat the kid to a pulp, Robert decides to give the twink what he so obviously needs, a cock sucking and a mouthful of his own delicious dick.

That’s not all though, obviously. This is a gay interracial spitroast after all, and the arrival of lanky black dude Sanches Viva takes things to a whole new level for our young voyeur.

Finding Robert feeding the lad his immense pink jock dick, the hung black guy invites himself to the party and shares his own immense meat, being greedily blown and then sharing that hole and mouth with Robert. The guys really make that boy their cock slave, and after Robert cums all over the boys back Sanches is given seconds with the boy impaling his ass down on that massive black cock and riding it while the dude sucks on his young tool too.

It’s a seriously hot threesome that you guys have to watch, and although I have a lot of the interracial videos in my own faves list I think this one is probably my all-time top scene in that category now ;)

Twink boy gets a lot of thick and long cock in this spitroast threesome! (1)

Twink boy gets a lot of thick and long cock in this spitroast threesome! (2)

Twink boy gets a lot of thick and long cock in this spitroast threesome! (3)

Twink boy gets a lot of thick and long cock in this spitroast threesome! (4)

Coming Soon on Staxus: A different kind of interview

It’s been quite a while since I needed to attend an interview, but if this is how things are being done these days I have to confess that I might just put myself out there in the jobs market once more, just to see ;)

You know the interview themed scenes we had on the Staxus site a couple of months ago got quite a lot of attention from the fans, and it seems that we’re back with some more of that horny action in this new video coming to the site, with two new hung twinks sharing their dicks with each other.

It’s starring Jonny Castle and Chase Evans, a couple of boys I think most of you would gladly enjoy some horny fun with. I don’t think any sane guy would be able to turn down either of these young hotties!

This seems to be the very first video either of these sexy young men has appeared in on the Staxus site, and although we’ve been loving all the new boys appearing recently I don’t think we can get enough, or ever be bored with the new boys arriving. I have a feeling there’s going to be some more hot and sexy guys arriving for some hardcore in the coming couple of months too, so stay tuned for that.

These two hung twinks certainly look like they’re having a lot of fun together in this gallery, and I cannot wait to see the video arrive a little later this evening.

Hung twink boys Jonny Castle and Chase Evans share an intense fuck in this new scene (1)

Hung twink boys Jonny Castle and Chase Evans share an intense fuck in this new scene (2)

Hung twink boys Jonny Castle and Chase Evans share an intense fuck in this new scene (3)

Hung twink boys Jonny Castle and Chase Evans share an intense fuck in this new scene (4)

Staxus Feedback: Your Video Comments

I thought we’d give the Staxus Feedback thing another little try on the blog. For those who might have missed it last time, this is where I look through some comments on the blog and the site and present them for all to enjoy, and perhaps comment a little on them too. Sometimes they’re informative, sometimes funny, sometimes just random things that caught my attention or appreciative opinions about a particular video. Whatever the reason, I decide with infinite wisdom that they deserve a mention ;)

So let’s take a look at some of the opinions appearing on some of the videos on the Staxus site.

“Zorro” commented on the recent addition of the flip flop fuck with new Russian performer Yuri Adamov and sexy Jason Mike that is seemed like it was related to the events in Crimea.

The truth is that this is was purely a coincidence. The fact that a highly relevant uniform is appearing in the video is more indicative of the lengths Staxus goes to to kit out their performers for the right scene, we know they have a lot of kit from some of the previous military themed scenes, so it makes sense that they would use these props and uniforms again. The film was actually shot about two months ago, before events in Crimea unfolded. Unless someone at Staxus is psychic (quite possible, considering how awesomely talented these people are!) it’s a genuine coincidence that this was released shortly after events there.

“Vaclav” indicated his growing love for new Staxus Exclusive Lucious York in the comments for the recent Cheeky Exchange Students threesome scene with Sven Laarson and Zac Todd.

I think a lot of other members agree with you Vaclav! He’s a very sexy young man, and a natural on camera too. You’re right that the scene was pretty natural and genuine when it comes to the chemistry between the boys.

“Steven” and “Jasper” also welcomed new young performer Yuri Adamov in the comments for his first scene alongside Kris Wallace. It seems that a lot of the fans were very happy to see this new young pouting star arrive for some hot action, and he’s certainly delivered so far. There’s a lot more to come from this boy too, of course, and there’s already some great action being finished up for release on the site starring this handsome boy.

“StuartB” pointed out something rather interesting in the comments for Billy Ruben’s first bareback video ever, noticing that bottom star Aaron Aurora has a little tattoo inside his left ear!

Now, I know I pay quite a bit of attention to the videos and the boys, but how the hell did you notice that Stuart!? I was a little distracted by the sight of Billy plunging his dick into the boy to see what was in his ear lol

I have to look into this, because I want to know what it is and what it means too. Perhaps Aaron can enlighten us?

New Scene on Staxus: Shooting a big load HD

Have you watched this new twink flip flop fucking video on the Staxus site yet? If not, I urge you to take some time out this evening and really chill out with some lube and that hard dick of yours. This is one of those videos that you want to get on a big screen and really relax to. Both the guys in this are great, and seeing them sharing their cocks in a mutual fucking session is going to have a lot of you unloading with them by the end of it.

Cute soldier Jason Mike is out patrolling, doing the usual things like picking up hand grenades and taking them inside before making them safe (lol) when he finds sweet young Russian twink Yuri Adamov hiding in the shadows. The boy is pretty scared, but thankfully he’s been found by a friendly soldier rather than a sadistic one, although some might say that Jason is a little too friendly, if you know what I mean?

I guess he’s been on his own patrolling this building for a while, and he certainly seems happy to have a young friend to talk to and comfort. Of course, he has needs, and the boy turned up just at the right time to help the lonely soldier satisfy them ;)

Within moments their obvious lust for each other is spilling over, and we’re transported to a more comfortable setting. It seems this handsome army boy has a thing for interior design! lol

New boy Yuri is the first to get some cock in his ass, but soon Jason is hopping on and impaling his sexy butt down on the boys dick for a hot ride. It’s not too long before they’re both obviously on the edge of pumping out some cum, and they do so with the kind of energy and jizz lust you might expect from two rampantly horny boys!

All in all, this was a hot twink flip flop fucking video, with a pair of horny guys well worth watching, and possibly more than once ;)

Jason Mike and Yuri Adamov in a new twink flip flop fucking video

Featured Scene: Jerking off frantically

Happy Monday everyone! I know some of you are probably just finishing your working day, and that many of you have not had a great one (so many people find Monday worse than any other day of the week) I have to say that my day has been rather nice. It helps that it’s been warm and sunny here, and that I’ve had the afternoon off to do as I pleased, but more so because I found a great jack off video on the Staxus site, and I want to share it with you for this post.

Now, it has to be said that there is no gallery for this one, there’s only a video, so instead of some top notch pics for you guys I’ve grabbed some screen shots of the action. I don’t think you’ll mind that too much though, not when you see Phill Berger enjoying his own uncut cock in a solo ;)

He’s a handsome guy, and after seeing him in an orgy video last week I remembered that I wanted to see what else he’d done on the Staxus site, that’s how I found this jack off video.

He has a really hot smooth and slightly defined body, and a great dick to play with. It’s a short and frantic wank he delivers, as indicated by the title. But although I have a feeling most of you would want a longer performance from this handsome young man, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Handsome and fit boy Phill Berger wanks out some jizz for the boys at Staxus (1)

Handsome and fit boy Phill Berger wanks out some jizz for the boys at Staxus (2)

Handsome and fit boy Phill Berger wanks out some jizz for the boys at Staxus (3)

Handsome and fit boy Phill Berger wanks out some jizz for the boys at Staxus (4)

Weekly Recap: Billy Rubens barebacks, Yuri Adamov, shower sex and a new twink threesome!

You know, sometimes it’s real quick and easy for me to pick out the best bits from the previous week for a recap post, and sometimes there’s so much awesome new content that I can’t easily decide what to share with you guys again on a Sunday evening. I’m afraid that tonight is one of the latter. There’s been so much great hardcore on the site over the last week, and I’ve found some great gems from further back in the site to share with you too.

Nevertheless, I have to limit this to the absolute best bits, otherwise this would end up being a ridiculously long post! lol

Of course, I can start this off without mentioning one of my top highlights from the last seven days. It was of course the sight of straight boy Billy Rubens bareback fucking another boys ass for the first time on video. We knew it was coming, and we probably all knew it was going to be hot to watch, but the addition of Chase Hunt and bottom star Aaron Aurora really made this threesome bareback session one to remember. I know a lot of you guys loved it, and I know plenty of you shot some good loads to this one already ;)

First time bareback for Billy Rubens

You know, if I were starting out in hardcore gay porn, I can’t think of a better boy to be teamed up with than Kris Wallace. We saw the arrival of sexy new Russian twink Yuri Adamaov in a flip flop with the hunk this last week, and it was enough to have him gaining some instant fans. I guess any hot boy who gives and takes it in a video with a stud like Kris is going to get a lot of favourable attention, but his is very much deserved. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this boy can do on video in the future.

Yuri Adamov and Kris Wallace in a flip flop fuck video - bareback! (2)

I always love digging out some great scenes from further back in the site, and although every week there are some very well deserving ones that could be highlighted again, this one with big-dicked handsome and fit young man Alex Granger is one of the horniest. He’s spying on Peter Til in this shower scene, wanking himself off over the private live show, but the real action starts when he wants a closer look and Peter welcomes him for some real hardcore action.

Hung uncut Alex Granger gets a hot fuck from Peter Til in this shower sex scene (1)

Finally, I can’t give you this recap post without sharing the new twink threesome we saw this last week in the schoolboy theme. I know plenty of you have really been enjoying the settings and the uniforms, and not to mention all the gorgeous boys stripping out of them to share their dicks with each other, but this one was pretty special because it stars new Exclusive boy Lucious York as the meat in the cock sandwich! It was a great fuck for him and for Sven Laarson and Zac Todd too. Check it out on the site if you haven’t already.

An amazing twink bareback threesome starring Lucious York, Sven Laarson and Zac Todd (2)

There you go boys, plenty of great action to enjoy from the last seven days, with all kinds of guys sharing all kinds of fun in various settings. This is the kind of varied hardcore that makes Staxus so great, and long may it continue! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’ll see you guys back here for more tomorrow ;)

Coming Soon on Staxus: Shooting a big load

I over did things a little last night, I have to confess. I was planning to just go out and have a few drinks with a couple of friends and, as often happens, it seemed to become an epic bar crawl! But, the bonus is that I have the “hangover horn” today too, so I’ve been on the Staxus site really enjoying some of the videos I haven’t seen before.

If you’ve been on the site today you’ve probably noticed this new gay army sex scene is on the way, and you’ve probably been checking out the gallery for this one already. For those who haven’t checked it out yet, have some pics!

It’s starring new Russian twink boy Yuri Adamov and sexy Jason Mike, two boys we’ve been enjoying recently in a couple of other videos to arrive on the site. Looking at these photos it seems as though Yuri is getting another hardcore bareback fucking from Jason and topping some hole too, just like he recently received in a flip flop fuck with hunky Kris Wallace ;)

I do love a good versatile performer, and these boys are both worthy of some dick stroking when the video drops a little later. I know a lot of you get off on the gay army sex videos, and I’m pretty confident that you’ll be enjoying this one too.

A new bareback flip fucking video with gorgeous boys Yuri Adamov and Jason Mike (1)

A new bareback flip fucking video with gorgeous boys Yuri Adamov and Jason Mike (2)

A new bareback flip fucking video with gorgeous boys Yuri Adamov and Jason Mike (3)

A new bareback flip fucking video with gorgeous boys Yuri Adamov and Jason Mike (4)


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