Genuine question… how much lube do you use?

When I’m having a wank I don’t really need it because I ooze a lot of precum anyway, but when I’m fucking a friend or taking a dick I tend to use quite a lot of the stuff. I used to fuck this guy a couple of years ago who was so tight we had to use more lube that I think I’ve ever used any time before. I think one time when we had a really long session of flip-flop fucking we used a whole bottle between us.

It was fun though, we got pretty slippery that time :)

I always imagined that when you’re making porn you need a lot of it on set, ready for the boys to use. But, apparently, it’s not the case with some of the guys.

I heard from our buddy Mark on set this morning and he was telling me about Charlie Keller and how the boy doesn’t really use a lot of lube at all. We all know he’s very experienced and he loves to get fucked, so I think he just prefers to feel everything and not miss out, all he takes is a bit of spit most of the time and the guys slide right into his hole.

I went back through some of his scenes since he arrived and it definitely seems to be true. We’ve watched him with Connor Rex, Sivan Ozzi and Robin Rhea for the Police Action, Run Away and Raw Skaters videos and all they needed to do was spit on their cocks or in his hole and then slide their boner right into him. I guess some rimming helps though.

The savings STAXUS is making on lube is probably negligible considering a lot of the other boys use a lot more lube in their videos, but you have to admit it’s pretty hot to see, and to hear about.

We’re gonna be seeing him back on set for the new Pissed Off 2 series in a little while, so make sure you go and check that out. Apparently he did the same with new guy Ron Negba in that one too, just a little bit of spit and the guy’s dick slipped right into him :)

Isn’t it amazing the things you find out when you have a friend sharing some gossip from the set of a porn site?