You might not know this, but it’s apparently a little hard to find twink boys to be extras in gay porn. I guess it makes sense, you’d either want to be in on the action or you’d probably have little interest in just being in the background. I know of a lot of studios who only rely on their existing staff to be extras when some random people are needed for a scene, but STAXUS brought in Robin Rhea to be an extra and things totally changed for the boy when director John Smith met him.

Can you imagine that? There was a chance that we might never have seen this gorgeous twink sharing some hardcore fun on video, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m very glad he was persuaded into trying out for a full-on video.

Of course that went very well. We saw him for the first time earlier last month, sucking the hard dick of fellow new arrival Sivan Ozzi and getting his tight little hole filled in, then we saw him again taking the cock of gorgeous boy Connor Rex. Those two appearances have gained him a whole lot of fans and his new video tomorrow is going to get him even more attention.

So, what happened to get him to perform?

Well, director John Smith is pretty talented when it comes to recognizing when a boy has that special something. When Robin arrived on set to play his part as a crime scene investigator he was impressed by the way Robin looked, the way he moved, and the way he imagined he would look naked and sharing some fun with another boy.

He suggested Robin might want to be a little more than an extra and Charlie Keller soon joined in with the encouragement.

When you’ve got a handsome boy like Charlie and a talented director like John telling you that you would be great in some hot porn you tend to pay attention.

We’re so glad he took their advice.

And now, after enjoying him a couple of times already we’re gonna be getting another chance to enjoy him tomorrow with the arrival of his third scene, and he’s getting it on with handsome boy Charlie too!

Take a look at some of the pics of Robin on the set of his first scene as an extra and some of his solo shots from his debut video. If you haven’t seen that first time scene for the boy you really need to click through and watch it!

Let me know in the comments what you guys think of Robin. I think you all love him, right?