Do you remember, not so long ago, we had a delicious pairing with gorgeous boy Angel Lopez and Lucas Drake in which an old vibrating mobile phone was used in Angel’s hot little hole?

It raised some quizzical eyebrows back then, and I have to admit that I was one of those wondering how this came to be.

Well, thanks to our friend Mark on set, we now have the full story of how exactly that happened!

Apparently poor Mark had already spent a week looking around on line for a vibrator to buy that the boys could use on set. There was a list of criteria he had to meet (you would be surprised how much detail goes into such decisions!) and he finally got it down to a short list a few days before the shoot.

Then the trouble started. When he went to order the top choice it was sold out, the next in line couldn’t be delivered in time, and another shop had gone off line completely in the couple of days since he first visited!

Finally, he got to the last option, ordered it, and then waited… and waited, and waited. The day of the shoot came and he went to track the delivery, discovering it had been delayed.

Now, you might imagine that being in Europe and having such cool and groovy attitudes to sex would mean there’s an adult shop on every corner, but you would be wrong. Mark spend the morning driving out to the only sex shop in the region, and found nothing suitable in stock there either.

Then, someone on set had a brainwave. He had an old phone with a vibrating function and all he needed to do was collect it from home and charge it up for a couple of hours. Funnily enough, he had the same idea I had in writing about that scene, suggesting it could be called “Booty call” lol

Admittedly, both Angel and Lucas were a little surprised by the notion of using a phone like this, but they were even more surprised that people actually used to use flip phones. They’d seen them on TV, of course, but they’d never actually experienced on for themselves.

I didn’t think about this when I was writing about the scene, or watching the video, but both of these boys are too young to remember flip phones. They apparently had a good time doing Star Trek impressions with it and checking out the limited features before getting down to playing each other and shooting the video.

According to Mark, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Lucas totally naked, hard as a rock, and swinging a flip phone open while trying to give his best Captain James T. Kirk impression.

It should be noted, Lucas isn’t good at impressions :)

Where is that famous phone now? It’s still in the studio, displayed on a shelf, and still raising curious eyebrows when a new boy discovers it.

Check out some of the pics of the fun these boys had together in that shoot and make sure you click through and watch the video if you haven’t already.