So, regular readers might know that we’ve been seeing a lot of new faces arriving to appear with Staxus over the last week, and there are more that I haven’t shared with you and can be seen on the forum. I don’t know why some of you haven’t signed up there to get involved yet, but that’s why I’m adding some of these new boys to the blog so you get to see them too. You’re welcome! ;)

I have a new boy to share with you today, and this uncut British hottie is certain to be a hit with the guys. I don’t know his name yet, but I have actually seen him on video stroking that dick, and it seems that he describes himself as “curious”. Yeah, I love it when an inexperience boy arrives to explore some cock fun with other guys on video!

This lad is pretty cute, curly haired and with a really hot smooth body and a delicious uncut dick too. He might be a little inexperienced when it comes to playing with other guys, but I’m betting right now that plenty of the other lads are making their intentions known and asking to get on camera with this guy!

We’ll be finding out a lot more about the new guys appearing soon, and you’ll see them turning up in some hardcore action over the coming months. You can bet you’ll see it here on the blog before anywhere else!

Inexperienced curious guy showing off his delicous dick (1)

Inexperienced curious guy showing off his delicous dick (2)