No doubt you are aware that we’ve seen some handsome new young men arriving on the Staxus Forum in the last month. I’ve been sharing some of them here on the blog with you guys in the last week, and I have another sexy young man to share with you for this post too. If you’ve had a crappy Monday, then this post should cheer you up just a little ;)

I guess you can tell from the pics of this handsome and muscled young man that we can expect some great new army themed action soon. He’s sporting some army green shorts and is showing off in front of some camouflage netting – if you love the military cock action as much as I do I think you’ll probably be looking forward to this just like I am!

I know nothing about this sexy young man with all that army muscle going on, but he’s obviously sexy as hell, and he has a tempting uncut cock that I can totally imagine sliding into a twinky ass and fucking it good.

Make sure you stick around and keep checking out the blog, because I’ll be sharing some pics of the new guys as they appear in new scenes for the first time. There’s a lot of them coming up in the future!

Check out one of the new hot guys about to arrive at Staxus! (1)

Check out one of the new hot guys about to arrive at Staxus! (2)