If you’re of a certain generation, you can probably remember a time when young people weren’t sat on their phones all the time. A time when they actually talked together, rather than sat staring at screens!

Well whatever we think of modern times, the fact remains that those halcyon days are now long since behind us. Instead, we live in an age where youths are quite literally addicted to their hand-held devices – a point that’s underlined at the start of this wonderful set-piece featuring Lucas Drake and Joel Tamir.

Fortunately for us, these two lads have an addiction that’s even more intense than that that they have for their phones … an addiction for cock! Something that’s made very clear here in the first few minutes of action; as both boys quit their screen-time in favour of an experience that’s even more in-your-face than Grindr!

And the really brilliant news is that this spunktastic flip-flop has now gone live at www.staxus.com, meaning you can head there right this minute to see exactly what these two beauties get up to once they’ve put their phones out of reach and are – as the title suggests – doing what cums naturally for guys their age!