I think plenty of you will be very pleased to hear that we have the return of the Weekly Recap this evening, so stick around to see some of my personal highlights from the past week. But before I get to that I have a new scene to mention, and one that I know a lot of you guys have been enjoying since it arrived on the Staxus site.

It’s all about the big dicked boys and the locker room setting for this hardcore threesome with Luke Desmond, Timmy Treasure and Alex Silvers, and what a sight it is! You guys all know that I have a major interest in the sporty locker room cock action, so you would have known that this video would have gotten a lot of praise from me. And they chose the perfect big dicked boys for this one too.

Although it goes without saying that Luke is the biggest boy of the three, the other two have great cocks. Alex is the greedy bottom for this one though, gobbling cock, feeding Luke his own dick and then being fucked by both in turn. Timmy goes first while the boy is sucking on Luke’s impressive length, then they swap so Luke can get his big thick meat in that boys ass too. I guess they got that the right way around, with Timmy easing the boy open ready for Luke’s immense meat ;)

I love the messy facial at the end of this one, and I think you guys will love that too. Check it out when you get the chance.

After watching this video I think I might have to take the time out to go swimming this week lol

Timmy and Luke share the ass and mouth of young twink bottom Alex