You know, it occurred to me this afternoon that I hadn’t mentioned something very important about this new gay threesome video on the Staxus site when I showed you guys some of the photos from the gallery yesterday… The bully boy in this geeky scene is brand new to the site!

His name is Tommy Lee, and although we don’t know anything about him at the moment (other than he makes a great bottom for a couple of horny twinks like Oscar Hart and Rhys Casey) I have been told that there are plans to make a new interview video with him in the not-too-distant future.

I think plenty of you will be looking forward to seeing that, and looking forward to seeing a lot more hardcore with this gorgeous boy too. I have a few ideas for new scenes starring that boy and I might head into the Forum to share them with the directors tonight too.

He really is handsome, and he certainly has some skills when it comes to performing for the cameras. He plays the role of the bully in this gay threesome video real well, and although he’s totally new to fucking on camera he delivers a great scene for this very first outing.

It goes without saying that his two co-stars really help in this one too though, teaming up to feed and fuck him like a little bitch boy. I was wondering about who else could have played these roles that well, and although a few names came to mind I think all three of these boys did a great job.

Also, who else is real glad to see more student themed hardcore? The last batch of student porn did very well on the site, and I think this scene means there’s more of it to come in the next month too. My dick is drooling at the thought lol

Tommy Lee in his first gay porn video