I do love the behind the scenes videos, and this one was a nice little surprise for me as much as it was for you guys today. I’ve grabbed a few screen shots of the fun for you guys to check out, seeing as there is no gallery for this one, but I think you’re all gonna want to click through and check this one out based on that alone.

This all took place back in September when the Staxus team took a whole gang of their gorgeous boys over to sunny Spain to shoot some great hardcore action in some truly gorgeous settings.

I can tell you all that this took a lot to prepare with scouting for locations and making deals to be able to film, but thankfully over the last ten years and more the guys in the office have made a lot of friends all around Europe, guys who are more than happy to lend a hand if it means being on set when some hot young guys are getting it on! :)

We would all offer our own homes for that too though, right? lol

Check out some of the fun in this gay porn behind the scenes delivery and click through to watch the video, I think you’re all gonna enjoy this.

Behind The Scenes HD 1 Behind The Scenes HD 2 Behind The Scenes HD 3 Behind The Scenes HD 4 Behind The Scenes HD 5