It’s up to you if you want to watch the latest STAXUS release with Navon Raffi and new boy Liam Stone (who incidentally is not related by blood or marriage to either Jaro Stone or Rudy Stone, but maybe some day by cum!) through romantic glasses or hardcore glasses. But to be perfectly honest, the result is the same: a ball-busting bareback coupling that leaves no desires unfulfilled and no cocks soft!

The romantic version would be that a pair of young lovers start their day with a romantic fuck in their bed, caressing each other sensuously and fucking like boys who want to spend the rest of their young lives together.

The hardcore version would be that both boys, having fucked all night long, wake up, feel their morning woods pumping in their pyjamas and need another round of bareback fucking to empty their balls once again from the cum that’s produced en masse in their young, fit bodies!

Personally, I think I’ll stick to the hardcore version, because I absolutely love to see how good Navon fucks his new boy toy. Looks like he’s learned a bit from his other scene partners he’s enjoyed so far, and Liam is more than happy to be his guinea pig ;)

Well, I guess if we asked, more hands would shoot up, wouldn’t they? :D

Make sure you hold onto your cum until the end, when Liam and Navon shoot their creamy loads into each other’s mouths, savouring the hot spunk (that’s as fresh as it can be!) on their tongues!

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