Hey boys! I had to just talk about the gay army orgy scene that arrived on the Staxus site last night and remind you that after I shared some of the pics with you guys the video is now up for you all to stroke your cocks to and shoot some cream! ;)

I’m gonna share one more pic of the action below just to try to convince any of you stragglers who haven’t logged in yet that you really should be checking this one out. Whether you’re planning to go out tonight or not, I would recommend taking some alone time and enjoying this gay army orgy video.

I’ve already watched it twice, and I can honestly say that I will probably be watching it again within a couple of hours ;)

There are a few highlights in this gay army orgy that I especially loved to see…

Watching Kevin Ateah worshipping the immensely thick cock of Stanley Stone is a real treat. That boys shaft is so meaty! The tangle of cock sucking and mutual wanking is another moment worthy of savouring too. But the real impressive moment comes with the fucking.

Kevin Ateah and Heath Denson ride those cocks so well, getting humped and fed any spare dick there happens to be available. Check it out as Heath rides Timmy’s boner, while Kevin sucks on his pole and get his own ass pumped by Stanley! That could have had me cumming right there, but I’m glad I held on to watch each of the lads jerking it out ;)

Hardcore gay army orgy