Yes, you should have had some of the photos on the blog yesterday for this new arrival on the Staxus site, and I did complete the post and have it timed for publishing. Something went squiffy though, maybe the hamster fell off his wheel or something. It didn’t publish until I came on today to do it. But this wasn’t likely to stop you guys from checking out what’s new anyway, and I know a lot of you have found this twink threeway video with new boy Sam Kirby without my help lol

You will have noticed that there’s a very sexy new boy in this video. His name is Sam Kirby, and he’s being introduced to the world of Staxus hardcore in the best possible way.

It could have been a straightforward fuck, but when you have boys like Kurt Maddox and Kamyk Walker around you would want to take advantage of the dicks on offer too, right?

A feast of oral gets the action started, Sam is eager to show his skills at taking a good fucking and soon he’s bent over the desk, gobbling on Kurt’s shaft and being filled from the other end by Kamyk.

Swapping around, both boys get to experience the delights of the new performer, and we get a messy finish as they wank out their cum loads over Sam and give him a taste of their gooey loads ;)

How would you want to be welcomed as a performer? A twink threeway video is a good option, but I have a feeling some of you would be greedier than that lol

Cute new arrival Sam gets double the cock from Kamyk and Kurt