This scene should come with something of a warning; it might have you wanting to go on a long hitchhiking holiday. If this is what’s on offer for a horny young man out on the road and thumbing for lifts then I’m surprised there’s not millions of us out there doing exactly that. Forget Uber, get out there and see who picks you up lol

Of course, we would all be very lucky to experience this kind of scenario.

Tomi Luck should perhaps have known that getting into a van rather than a car might signal something, but thankfully in this instance at least there’s nothing too sinister going on. He’s not going to end up in a dungeon, he’s just going to end up sucking on some pretty big and handsome cocks, then plugged in both ends as gorgeous guys Billy Jay and Kamil Fox make full use of their new passenger.

I guess it’s only fair that someone wanting a lift contribute something, so why not gobble some cock and take a boner up the butt? :)

It results in an amazing bareback jock threesome, of course, with Billy and Kamil sharing their new friend between them, filling his pucker and stuffing his hungry mouth with dick, and with Kamil sucking on that lads hard young boner too.

I really get off on all three of these guys, so seeing them together in a video like this really does it for me. Click through for the full scene and enjoy.

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