We all agree that war is bad. But I think we all also agree that the sight of a handsome young man in a military uniform can be one of the sexiest things in the world, especially when that young man is willing to get his uncut cock out and share it with another hottie in uniform!

These days it’s far easier for military guys to share their dicks with each other, but perhaps that wasn’t so back when this video was first made.

It’s a remastered classic with handsome and fit young men Jay Gregory and Johny Many breaking some rules and getting their dicks out for some fun when there’s no superior officer around, and we can’t really blame them for giving in to such temptation – just look at these guys and those dicks and tell me you wouldn’t!

Jay is playing the military medic while Johny is visiting to see if he can secure himself some sick leave. Of course, it’s not easy to get out and have some time off unless you have a good reason, but Jay is the kind of friendly and accommodating young man who’s more than willing to bend the rules just a little, as long as he’s getting something out of it!

So, in short, not only does Johny get the time off he needs, he gets to share some cock and cum with the horny doc too.

Yeah, if this is what military life was really like, I would be there right now.

Click through and watch the video.

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