Have you seen it yet? If not, then you need to click through and take a look at this new scene in the Foreskin Fuckers series. We have stunning young man Orri Gaul welcoming new boy Ben Isai in some great oral, rimming and bareback fucking, while fellow new boy Jake Stark enjoys his own long cock and his tight ass with some anal play in another room. But, don’t worry, although this is technically two scenes combining together, all three of these delicious young men do get together by the end of it all.

I have to say that this might be one of the hottest trios I’ve seen for a little while. If you love handsome boys with great cocks and amazing bodies then I think you’re gonna agree with me on this.

We start out with Orri and Ben sharing an encounter in one room while Jake gets his cock out for some wanking in another. The duo boys have great chemistry with each other and, of course, they have some great uncut cocks to share between them too. And that’s what this start is about, as the two young men play with their dicks and enjoy those hoods on the tips of their perfectly pink boners.

I personally love delicious foreskin play between a couple of boys and these two really have a great time with it before they finally move on to the anal play.

Orri has an amazing ass, perfectly hairless and there for licking as Ben gets his tongue in there for a taste. You might think this is an indication that he’s about to get fucked by Ben, but the reverse is true.

Ben gets his own hole stuffed with cock and he’s loving every moment of it, and all this is happening while Jake is sliding a dildo in and out of his own hole in another room, wanking himself off and perhaps wishing he had another dick there to play with.

And so we come closer to the finish, the final moments when these boys finally get together for a sticky end. There’s a lot of hot twink cum gushing out by the final moments of this video, and if you haven’t unleashed your own goo by this point you’ll certainly be joining in.

I love all three of these boys and they look really good together. I’m hoping we get plenty more of the two new boys too. Let me know in the comments what you thought of the scene if you’ve watched it already, and if you haven’t then why are you still here reading this? Click through and hit play! :)