At long last, the wait is over. Jaro Stone’s “final” scene for STAXUS has hit the screens at – and it’s a fucking beaut!

Of course, you’d really never expect anything less from a fellow that we – very pointedly – refer to as a living legend. Jaro has literally been top-class material right from the very first time that he performed for us, and the good news is that he maintains that reputation right to the last.

To be fair, we almost feel a little sorry for Vittorio Vega here – eclipsed in this instance by a fellow to whom he must almost feel in awe. But to his credit, the relative newcomer more than holds his own; producing the kind of cumshot that is almost obligatory when sharing the stage with a fellow who is the closest to a gay porn god that he’s ever likely to meet!

Whether this actually proves to be the last we see of Jaro remains to be seen – you fans have certainly been very vocal in your support of him. What we can say, however, is that if this is his curtain-call then he’s definitely going out with a bang!

So head to right now and blow your balls to one of the finest performers we’ve ever been privileged to enjoy!