We’ve seen quite a bit of new boy, Adrian Bennet, over the last couple of weeks; and given the response that we’ve got from fans it seems he’s not just been a big hit with his fellow stars. Looks like all you filthy-minded fuckers out there love him big time too!

What’s more, we’ve a big suspicion that his fan-base is gonna get even bigger once you’ve all seen today’s scene on www.staxus.com – when the handsome blond beaut takes every rampant inch that Beno Eker has to offer. And when we say he takes it, believe us we mean it!

Fans of ass-to-mouth will definitely be in seventh heaven by the end of this sordid little encounter, that’s for sure; as the action flicks almost constantly between oral and anal satisfaction. Indeed, it almost leaves you breathless watching the high-octane encounter. For fuck’s sake, where do these young pups get their sodding energy from??

What’s more, those of you who like to see their heroes getting their faces coated in spunk will just love what happens at the climax of proceedings, when Adrian quite literally sucks the jizz out of Beno’s dick – and gets a full-on, multi-shot splattering between the eyes as his reward! Fuck man, is that hot or is that fucking hot??!! LOL

Get ready for your regular Thursday unloading!

The scene is available on www.staxus.com to stream and download!