Happy Sunday all my lovely dick stroking Staxus fans :)

I hope you’re having a great day so far. I’m a little hung over, but you know that’s made me extra horny today. Why does that happen? Does anyone know what it is about being hung over that gets my cock needing to be drained multiple times? Really, I would love to know what this specific aphrodisiac is so I can bottle it lol

Now, we have the perfect thing if you’re feeling that hangover horniness too. You saw some pics on the blog of Julien Breeze getting bareback pounded by hung buddies Leo Coat and Jeffrey Radden yesterday, and now the remastered video is up it’s getting a lot of views from old and new members alike. I know this is a popular video, the viewing stats I’ve seen suggest that it’s perhaps the best one they’re re-released yet.

It’s definitely one for all the hung twink fans, with Leo’s massive cock impressing us especially. I don’t know how many inches he has there, but damn there’s a lot of them! It’s okay though, Julien is a pro when it comes to satisfying even the biggest of dicks, sucking on that juicy tool and taking both of his buddies in his naked ass one after the other.

And of course he ends up covered in their cum wads as they wank their spunk out in his face for a deliciously messy ending.

Can I just say right now that I really want one of those toys too?

Get the lube out, haul your stiffy from your pants and check out this hung twink threesome, it’s a hot one!