Are we all ready to feel the sadness with the departing of two of the most gorgeous and adorable young stars we’ve seen at STAXUS over the past year? I’m not sure I can cope with it to be honest. I think I might have to go and have a couple of drinks this weekend to deal with it… although I would be anyway and I don’t need any excuse lol

Yes, it seems stunning young guys Connor Rex and Casey Flip are starting a new chapter in their lives, and they’re doing it together. The real-life lovers are giving us what we think might be their last hurrah in this new scene for the Skaters series, enjoying each other on camera just as they have been off-camera without any of us seemingly knowing about it!

But, although I wouldn’t want to falsely get your hopes up, you never know when someone might choose to come back. We’ve seen boys come and go in the past, then make a sudden and unexpected return a few months, or even years, later. So while you might be a little bit down that we won’t be seeing more of these boys in 2018, you never know when either of these lovely young guys might surprise us with a return.

They’re certainly giving us an amazing departing video in this one, with adorable Connor playing the role of the eager bottom happy to give up his hot little hole for his friend to slide into and fuck raw.

There’s a lot of oral between these boys, with some great rimming too, leading to some butt banging and ass-to-mouth interruptions (something I know a lot of you guys love to see on video!)

It has to be said that you can really see the natural lust these boys have for each other. There’s no denying that their appearance together is one of the easiest, most natural, smoothly erotic encounters we’ve seen on the site in recent months. Don’t get me wrong, every video I’ve watched this year has been amazing, but when you have two amazing boys who have such natural chemistry with each other it really stands out.

Watching these boys together leads us all to imagine what it must be like in their bedroom any night of the week. You can imagine that these boys are all over each other constantly :)

Enjoy some of these photos from their last time on video for us and make sure you leave a comment on the scene and give it a great vote when you click through to enjoy it.

We wish these two gorgeous boys all the best, whatever they do after this stage in their careers we’re certain they’ll both be successful in whatever they do. Thank you for giving us so many amazing performances, boys, and remember you’re welcome back any time!