One question that seems to be constantly raised about some of our models is whether they’re too thin to be sexy? Beno Eker being the perfect case in point.

After all, there quite literally doesn’t seem to be so much as an extra ounce of flesh on this young, tattooed beauty – which (depending on your point of view) is either sheer perfection or something or an abomination.

We’re gonna leave it down to personal taste as to which side of this particular fence you tumble; but what we will say is that today’s fabulous XXX scene onΒ www.staxus.comΒ gives you what could be considered the perfect choice between gaunt and fleshy with the coupling of Beno and new boy, Andy Watson.

Not that Andy’s anywhere near what you would describe as fat, of course; but there’s a distinctly pleasant curve to the boy that serves in marked contrast to Beno’s extremely lean physique.

To see what we mean, head toΒ www.staxus.comΒ to enjoy this stunning escapade; and feel free to let us know which one of these handsome stars you’d prefer to find yourself teamed up with given half the chance …