It’s another remastered scene that I totally wasn’t expecting to see arrive on the site today! But I’m glad to see this one on there, and you guys enjoying it as much as you have been. I know plenty more will be clicking through to watch these two bareback boys getting it on.

I’m not sure when this scene was initially produced, but I’m guessing we’re talking about the mid 00’s once again for this one. Not that it matters too much of course, the action was just as hot and horny then as it is now.

I’m not too familiar with either Rony Clue or Steff Torr, but after watching the boys getting some raw dick action on this coach journey I do feel inclined to go and see what else these two young stars appeared in!

So the story for this one is pretty interesting. The boys are on the coach and headed somewhere (we don’t know where) when they decide that the best way to pass the time on a stop is not by reading a book or playing cards like many other friends would, but by heading to the toilets to suck dick, rim tight little butt hole and fuck out some cum!

It’s pointed out in the description, but I need to reiterate here that director Vlado Iresch was pretty inspired with this one. The location is certainly not an easy one to film in, but somehow he managed to achieve an incredibly hot fuck scene with these bareback boys in that little semi-public space, and it actually worked incredibly well. Clue gets that big bare boner in his butt despite the limited movement they have to film the scene, and although it’s a somewhat cramped experience it’s not one that any of us would say no to given the chance.

We’ve seen some truly interesting locations for horny hardcore scenes over the years, but this one has to be right up there with the most imaginative and challenging :)

Bareback boys fucking in the toilets 1 Bareback boys fucking in the toilets 2 Bareback boys fucking in the toilets 3 Bareback boys fucking in the toilets 4 Bareback boys fucking in the toilets 5