I really am loving the remastered hardcore videos they’ve been adding to the Staxus site over over the last few months, and I think most of the members have been enjoying these resurrections too. This new arrival is one that’s sure to get plenty of you fapping along to the fun as a threesome of gorgeous uncut bareback boys get their freak on in the beck of the bus!

I have to say that I never experienced anything like this in the back seat of the bus, but maybe others did and I just missed out on it? I remember one trip when I was in college and a friend of mine got his cock out to show off his new piercing while on the way to a gallery, but that’s hardly the same thing :)

Robin Lukko, Frank Milo and John Flunnery are the students engaging in some wholly unacceptable behavior on the bus for this hardcore offering, but it sure is a delicious sight.

Robin is the instigator for this one, keeping his two friends behind on the bus when all their mates have stepped off. He wastes little time getting his pants off and showing them his uncut cock, encouraging them to give him some stroking. I think we would all willingly oblige if we were in such a position and being offered such a lovely dick to play with!

Pretty soon all three boys have their cocks out and the trio are sharing an intense session of wanking and sucking, but one of them just has to take it further than that… Frank seems to be more experienced, so he’s the one starting the anal and sliding his ass down on John’s lovely boner.

It all culminates in a delicious threesome of spitroasting as the uncut bareback boys suck dick and fuck tight young hole until all three are splashing out some impressive loads of cum for each other and leaving us wondering how common it is for the back seat of a school bus to turn into such a horny setting!

Uncut bareback boys at the back of the bus 1 Uncut bareback boys at the back of the bus 2 Uncut bareback boys at the back of the bus 3 Uncut bareback boys at the back of the bus 4