Given the enclosed nature of the inside of a military recovery vehicle, you’re probably wondering – like us! – how director, John Smith, actually managed to fit a cameraman inside the tank to film today’s terrific release on, featuring the stupendous and spunk-inducing pairing of Ron Negba and Beno Eker.

Well, guys, we haven’t a fucking clue either! All we can say is that the space involved sadly wasn’t big enough to allow the two lads to fuck – after all, the main part of the action actually takes place outside the vehicle.

In fairness, however, we don’t think this is gonna detract from your appreciation of what is in all honesty a top-notch escapade; with young Negba once again proving himself to be a premier-league exponent of cock-play, as he sucks and rides dick like an old time pro.

And if you enjoy our tattooed ass-warrior, Eker, we’re pleased to announce that we have a nice little bonus scene of the lad lined up for you next week. So watch this space …

In the meantime, go to now, get your cock out – and (as always) fucking enjoy!