As you can see, I’m still catching up with all the horny developments on the Staxus site over the Christmas period, and there’s still more excellent hardcore fun to be had on the blog with some of the bonus videos of all those American twinks and our own delicious European sex scenes mixed in too.

We’re back with the Lollipop Underground story for the Christmas day release, a special treat that seems to have captured the imaginations of many of the members.

Robbie Anthony and Benjamin Riley are the boys engaging in some totally hot fornication for this special addition to the site, and I think many of you would agree that it’s worthy of some wanks.

Investigator Jacobey has been hot on the trail of the local twink Mafia (that’s basically what they are) and Benjamin has gone to meet with top boy Robbie in what soon becomes something entirely hotter than a gangland meeting.

With the twinks hole well and truly stuffed by the dark and cute boss, their cum shots erupt in a delicious display before the final intriguing moments, leading us further into the dramatic story and eager for the next installment – which is definitely not far away!