Yeah, I missed out on sharing this scene yesterday as a “Coming Soon” post, I had no idea it was on the way. But damn am I glad to see these two sexy young men together in this horny bareback twink porn video!

Kellan James is the familiar boy in this one showing off some special skills as he picks things up off the floor with his feet. I have to say that’s an odd skill to be showing off in a twink porn video but then again what do I know? There are far stranger fetishes out there! lol

He’s the Biker Boy doing some maintenance on his ride when gorgeous new boy Johnathan Strake arrives, looking far too delicious and tempting. Of course it goes without saying that the sight of that dick bulge in Kellan’s tight little outfit can really only lead in one direction.

Thankfully both boys are more than eager to get down and dirty with each other, with Kellan being the first to wank and suck some uncut twink cock as he reveals his friends tasty length from his shorts.

He gets the same back of course, with Johnathan showing some natural skills as he licks and slurps on his friends boner.

With a whole lot of great attention paid to Johnathan’s tight little pucker Kellan slides in, raw of course, ramming the boy deep in a variety of positions. Don’t be thinking the bike theme is over just yet though, when you see Kellan sliding the handle of a screwdriver into the boys hot little pucker you might be just about ready to spurt your wad!

It does the job for Johnathan, making him spurt his load out over his smooth young body, then he gets a taste of that handle before being given a delicious treat with Kellan ejaculating a hot and messy load of warm ball juice right in his open mouth :)

This really is something totally hot to watch with a couple of gorgeous young men, get in there and stroke one out to this new bareback twink porn video and add it to your faves list for more wanks in the future!

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