So yesterday evening I posted a collection of photos from this new hardcore gay locker room video on the Staxus site, and I was certain that it would do very well with the members once it arrived. Once again, I was right! lol

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the sight of these two gorgeous young men was going to have a lot of the guys jerking off and unloading their balls with them for this scene though, there are a lot of us who get off on handsome and defined young guys like these and the setting of the locker room is just so horny it’s unreal.

Now that the video is there for everyone to enjoy I’m not surprised that it’s getting some good comments, more specifically about the handsome models appearing in this scene. It seems to me that both Jace Tyler and Paul Walker have some fans already, and that’s only going to grow after this scene.

I love everything about this video, from the way it starts with some shower wanking as they check each other out, to the final moments of cum splashing as they both spew the contents of their balls. The journey to get those loads is so hot, and this should end up on your faves list within a minute of it starting.

After this hot gay locker room video I’m really looking forward to seeing what both these handsome young men get up to next ;)

A gay locker room video with Jace Tyler and Paul Walker