I’ve been enjoying this new hung bareback video on the Staxus site today, and I have a feeling a lot of you guys have been to. I didn’t watch this one the first time around, but now it’s been re-released in HD and it’s grabbed me by the balls and won’t let go lol

I have a feeling I might be enjoying this one again tonight before bed :)

Carey Lexes is the seducer in this video, out on a run with his handsome and sexy friend Jose Manuel when he announces that he has the keys to the garage they just passed.

His dad owns the empty shack, and he would probably be pretty freaked out if he knew it was now being used by his son to share his big dick with his friend! lol

This kind of takes me back to hooking up with buddies when I was younger, believe it or not I used to wank off with a good friend of mine over stolen porn mags in the back of his garage too.

These guys go a lot further than a shared wank though, obviously. With some sexy tongue wrestling and some groping of bulges in shorts the boys dicks are soon out, and they’re impressive!

Swapping their juicy boners in some delicious sucking has them both wanting more, and it’s ultimately hung bareback boy Carey who gets some ass around his fuckstick as he bends his friend over and slides into him. It’s okay, the boy has been well-lubed, but you can tell he’s still struggling to take it all.

After wanking his cum out riding that thick tool Jose gets down to take a cummy facial, making a hot mess as he licks and sucks the helmet, covered in his friend hot jizz.

It’s an excellent video and I have a feeling we’ll all be watching this more than just a couple of times :)

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