It seems as though members are in agreement when it comes to their appreciation of Bare Buff Builders scene one with handsome new arrival Rudy Stone and hung bottom Bjorn Nykvist, but then again when I saw the trailer for this one I had an inkling you guys would love it.

If you haven’t clicked through to watch these two gorgeous boys going at it deep and raw in this opening scene for the new series then I recommend doing so now. Okay, maybe after you’ve read my blurb and checked out some of the pics :)

Handsome boy Bjorn is hard at work in the basement, getting on with things and looking damn fine doing it too when he starts to get a little horny. His mind is soon wandering and he’s having some pretty hot thoughts about the arrival of a handsome and fit young man, working up a sweat right there beside him.

As if by magic (or is Rudy perhaps a ghost?) the gorgeous young stud appears and we’re all wishing we had such amazing powers of imagination!

No doubt you would expect hard cocks to soon be out for sucking and wanking, and you won’t be disappointed as they swap their hard cocks, frott their dicks together and share some tasty 69 action.

With Rudy exploring that tight hole with his tongue you know he’s about to dive right in, deep and naked, barebacking his new buddy with all his might.

Every moment of this video is so good, but the sight of Bjorn wanking himself off as his ass slides up and down that big naked dick is not to be missed, neither is the sight of him taking that fresh cream right over his tongue as Rudy pumps a thick mess of semen from his raging solid cock.

Damn, I’m usually a little freaked out by the thought of apparitions appearing unexpectedly, but if they were like Rudy and led to this kind of horny fun bring it on! lol