Are you ready for a real treat?! You guys know that we are always inviting brand new boys to join the Staxus team, and when we see a gorgeous boy as delicious as James Wilson we don’t hesitate to get him in front of the cameras and have him showing off his talents!

We have some real horny action coming up with this brand new boy, and that shot below of him riding Rudy Valentino’s cock should have a lot of you hard and eager to see more of him – but you’ll have to give us a little while to put the finishing touches to some of his very first scenes! lol

This lad is oozing sex appeal. This Czech boy is a Soccer player, which explains his tight and lean body. He’s so handsome and he has a totally juicy uncut cock that a lot of the other Staxus models want a taste of too. You know you have a real star in the making when all the other boys are calling up the office and asking if they can be the first one be fucked by him. lol

Needless to say we’ve already invited some of those boys in and introduced James Wilson to them. It’s resulted in some immense videos with the kind of hardcore action you all love to jerk off to. This new Staxus boy is already a new favorite of mine since I watched his first performance, and when you see him in action for the first time I think a lot of you will be smitten too ;)

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New Staxus Boy James Wilson (1)

New Staxus Boy James Wilson (2)

New Staxus Boy James Wilson (3)

New Staxus Boy James Wilson (4)

New Staxus Boy James Wilson (5)