We’re kicking off the new Foreskin Fuckers series with a great scene between a couple of stunning young men, and I know a lot of you will be leaving comments below after you see this trailer. That’s a hint, by the way, I really want to see some comments from you guys!

We’ve only seen Sivan Ozzi in a couple of videos so far, but this handsome boy has been building an adoring following through those appearances already and I’m certain that when you guys see this one you’ll be equally impressed with his skills and talents. He’s been a top for new twinky arrival Robin Rhea in his debut for the Charlie Foxtrot series, then returned to be a top boy for hung and horny Charlie Keller in a scene for Run Away too, and now he’s back to slide his cock into new hottie Max Grey.

I think it’s been established now that this handsome young Czech knows how to fuck a tight little rump!

While Max Grey is a unknown quantity at this time, given that this is his first outing in front of the cameras, I can say that it’s clear he’s going to be a popular boy. In fact, rumor has it that a few of the other young guys have been asking to be on video with him, they all want to take a shot at that ass and show him their own talents. I can’t say I blame them, we would all love to ease into that pucker and fuck the cream out of his handsome lad.

As you might expect given the title of this new series, it all kicks off with some great oral and some excellent foreskin licking. I have to admit that I have a special appreciation for uncut cocks and when I get the chance to really enjoy a hood on a guys dick I make the most of it. Max certainly does, but it can’t all be about that, not when there’s some raw ass for that dick to slide into.

Rest assured that the foreplay these boys engage in leads to some of the hottest anal action you’re gonna see between two gorgeous young guys, with some great angles and some excellent shots of that pucker being plundered before their cum loads start to gush free.

But, enough of my chatter, click play on the trailer and check it out, and make sure you’re back here to see the video arrive. I think you’re gonna want a lot more of both of these boys after you wank out some mess to this one :)

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