Oh, how I love those innocently looking young pups who turn out to be cock-greedy pucker suckers!

Joel Tamir, one of the new boys on your favourite gay twink site, is exactly that kind of lad. A boy who literally drives you crazy because he’s just so innocently cute – yet so fucking hot at the same time!

We’ve seen him packing that enormous fuck-stick of Lior in a massage scene some days ago; but I can tell you that we have less than three days to wait now before we can enjoy another new and exciting scene with Joel, so get ready to flush out your own pipe with some hot, sticky brew!

Of course, I don’t wanna spoil things, but I don’t think it’ll harm anyone if I give away the fact that Joel is good for some hot surprises!

He’s not just feeding a big, creamy and snow-white load to a fuckbuddy of his after pummelling his tight twink arse, no! He’s also one of the few boys who can shove their fist up another man’s arse, giving the recipient the unparalleled feeling of complete fullness, yet looking so fucking innocent like a boy-virgin at the same time that your cock will explode – and surely more than just once!

With his slim body, his handsome face and his other (obvious) physical equipment, he’s what I call a perfect twink, and when you watch him fuck with another boy it feels like being in gay twink heaven!

Look forward to his future scenes – the good news there is that your won’t have to wait too long! – and click in tomorrow again for a horny preview, before checking out Joel’s full length hardcore scene on Thursday at Staxus.com!