I know, I know, it’s a bad habit of mine to talk too much, but hey, how else can I express my feelings (which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming) when I watch some of the hottest boys on Staxus.com?

Sometimes words cannot describe how beautiful, extraordinary and immensely arousing a young model is – and that’s definitely the case with Alex Whale, one of the new boys in town! No matter how much I praise him, words will not be sufficient when it comes to describe his perfect, slim, smooth, tender body, his beautiful, handsome, gorgeous and ball-busting face, and his amazingly large cock that we all would love to wank, suck or fuck!!

Honestly, I could play for hours with those mere endless inches of hot twink flesh, framed by two intriguing balls and their sticky contents!
And when I read other member’s comments, I’m clearly not alone in my admiration!

Vaclav for example says ”Alex Whale is just… heaven! Heaven!“ and Christian comments ”The new guy has a super big dick which is contrasting with his small cute ass and frail body.“

”A mega hit for Staxus“ says Josh1904 and dr expresses exactly what many fans did when watching Joel and Alex: “I’ve jacked off three times watching them this morning. They are going to make me late for work!“

I think you’ll agree when I say that Alex was a real hit for us, and won our fans’ hearts with the first seconds of his first on–screen appearance for “Stretched To The Max“ – getting stuffed by Joel Tamir’s big, bare cock, as well as his strong twink fist just moments later!

So, if you haven’t had the chance yet to watch this miracle of nature in action, then follow this link and enjoy Alex in his first (but hopefully not last scene) for Staxus.com!