I confess that I had to take some time to myself after watching this new twink DP video and really think about how I was going to deliver this to you guys on the STAXUS blog. There’s so much hotness in this threesome, with a trio of stunning young guys enjoying their dicks and having a great time together, that I wasn’t sure what to focus on. Should it be the double penetration? Or maybe the fire officer uniforms? Perhaps it should be the spitroasting, or the cum loads these guys deliver. And that’s all before I even mention the fact that there’s a brand new boy appearing for the first time in this one, too!

I guess I should just try my best to give you a rounded look at everything you get with Max Grey, Orri Gaul and new arrival Lior Hod in this new video for the Fucking Pissed Off 2 series?

It all starts with the uniformed hotties Orri and Lior discovering an anal toy in Max’s couch. To be honest, it could have gone so many different ways from that point on, but seeing as this is STAXUS, I think you can all predict that these two handsome lads would use that as an excuse to get at Max’s tight little rump. Not that he’s in any way reluctant, he’s soon bent over and getting plenty of attention from the two dominant hotties.

That’s when things take a very horny turn indeed. Now, most of you know that the anal stuffing in a twink DP video like this usually arrives a little later in the game, but on this occasion the boys clearly can’t wait to slide both their naked uncut cocks into their new friend!

Max soon finds himself crammed with hard cock, their dicks rubbing against each other inside his chute as they share his pucker between them. I love seeing this in any gay porn video, but with these three it’s even hotter to watch than I expected.

You might be tempted to splash your load out by this point, but I would warn you that there’s a lot more to come as the two handsome lads share him between them in a spitroasting, feeding and fucking him, taking them all to a creamy explosion of hot cock juice that splashes out and drenches the boy’s cute face leading to him wanking out his own copious wad!

Check out some of the pics and if you haven’t seen this one yet you really need to go and take a look. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this one, and what you think of the new boy Lior! Isn’t he lovely?