I know a lot of you are as excited about the release of Skyball as I am, and the pics we’ve seen so far on the Staxus blog have just fuelled the desire to see it! But, never let it be said that we don’t give the fans what they want, so we’ve got another great collection of horny hardcore pics to share with you for this post!

And, we have the cover too!

But, the guys in the office want to know what you think of the cover design. Does it show what you think it should? Is it hot enough, tempting enough, horny enough to get your interest or is there anything about it that you might change?

Personally, I like it. I think the poses really kind of echo that Bond parody and the pose Luke Desmond has with that gun in his hand is pretty cool.

Connor Levi is one of the British twinks starring in this one, so I like his presence on the cover the way he is. He’s really becoming quite the popular young hottie on the site since his arrival!

Enjoy the pics guys, not too long to wait until we get to see some of that action. An leave your comments about the cover below too, the guys in the office really want to know what you all think ;)