Every model seems to have his very own trademark. For example, Mickey Taylor has his ink, Paul Walker has his “angry look”, Orlando White has his power thrusting, and Kris Wallace has his gorgeous smile. For Staxus Exclusive Yuri Adamov, his trademark has to be that pout.

He does it a lot, I’m sure you’ve noticed. He has those perfect “cock sucking” lips though, so I can understand why guys love it so much.

There’s a lot more to love about him too of course. The fact that he’s such a dedicated and willing bottom for the other boys to fuck is one of the things that the members love the most about him. He’s so good at taking it from a top, and bareback too, that he’s gained a hell of a lot of fans since he arrived here just a few months ago.

He’s also a real cum loving twink, eager to be up close when a dick spews its load and always ready to taste the gooey mess he’s helped to make. We have a lot of cum loving boys on the site, but I think most would agree that Yuri is one of the hottest.

The Russian twink is a real fan favorite these days, evidenced by the sheer number of scenes he’s been appearing in over the short time he’s been here. Plenty of those scenes have been added to favorites lists by the members, and he’s always getting some great comments on his videos too.

If you haven’t had the chance to see his hot little ass being rammed yet, you need to log in and watch him in action. You’ll soon see why he’s so popular! ;)