I thought it was about time we had some more Model Focus action on the blog, as we have quite a few new guys on the site who are most definitely worth talking about!

Every new performer gets a lot of good attention from the fans when they start out, and some go on to become regular stars with a big following, and I think we can expect that of Troy Vara.

This gorgeous young Czech lad arrived on the Staxus site back in January to show off his kinky skills alongside handsome boy Sam Williams, and I think we immediately knew that this boy was going to be a regular on the site from then on.

He’s been in another three videos (although I think many fans will now be demanding more of him!) and delivered some amazing hardcore topping in each and every one of them.

We know a little about this guy too, he’s pretty forthcoming with his sexual pleasures and has told us that he gets off on role playing and sex in unusual places. He loves military themes and uniforms, and although we haven’t done that with him yet we can already imagine how horny it would be to see him in an army outfit.

His love of sex in strange places has resulted in him fucking a friend on the top of an apartment building, blowing a buddy on a balcony, being sucked off in a car park, and sharing a threeway with a couple of friends in the woods too, among other locations. I think we would all gladly volunteer to be fucked and fed cock by him wherever and whenever he wants, right guys? lol

Check out some pics of the gorgeous young man and make sure you click through to watch those videos.

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