Happy Monday, guys – and thanks for re-visiting your favourite porn blog to read a bit about one of the hottest boys of the last decade, Johny Hunter!
He’s one of those sexy lads who might not be familiar to new members, so I thought it might be a good idea to re-present him to you and to focus your attention on this really handsome young guy who spent many hours in his life in front of porn cameras.

I find it really fascinating that Johny always tried to suck as many cocks as possible in a scene, so whenever he heard about any upcoming orgy or group fuck, Johny kept pestering our directors until they agreed to pair him up with some horny, big dicked guys who loved to fuck hungry tight boy holes!

Okay, so perhaps they didn’t take too much persuasion! Haha! After all, who wouldn’t want to shoot a scene with such a gorgeous guy?! Indeed, boys like Andrew Shut, Jose Manuel, Alex Stevens and Cameron Jackson easily recognised his benefits and put his dick to good use!

Johny was an excellent top, pleasing both his scene partners and us fans with his nice, bare cock which always loved to fuck the jizz out of some greedy twink bitches! Being a twink, it was a pleasure to watch him fuck around with other young, tight bottoms – and like I said before, he was very eager to star in group scenes and foursomes.

Arguably, his best fourway was a military themed scene dating back to January 2012, where he joined his bunk buddies for a ball-busting fuck session and helped drain an innocent-looking lad of all his hot cum!

To check out Johny’s qualities as a horny top, click through his videos and leave a comment as to which of his scenes you like the best!

PS: Although originally from Czechia, he moved to Paris some years ago. I really hope he found his one-and-only in the city of love and that his cock gets worshipped every day by a big dicked hunk! :)