Staxus Exclusive Orlando White is the focus for this new model post on the blog, and I think a lot of you guys are really going to appreciate this.

The handsome and sexy top hails from Hungary, and he definitely has the looks to show it. I don’t know why so many Hungarian guys are so gorgeous, but I think we all know how true that is.

There’s a lot more to gorgeous Orlando than just his handsome face, lean and smooth body and that stunning uncut cock that springs to life at a moments notice. He’s pretty much known as the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet. He’s popular with all the other boys, the staff, the directors, the fans… he’s known as being incredibly polite, a little shy, so sweet to everyone he meets and modest too.

He’s an aspiring artist when he’s not on film, and word has it he’s incredibly gifted. Although, he would probably scoff at that idea and tell you he’s not that good. That’s how modest and sweet he is. He could have painted the Mona Lisa and he’d still say someone else could do it better.

When it comes to his appearances, it’s almost like another side of him appears when he’s sinking his cock into a boys ass. While he’s so shy and modest off camera, when he gets that dick inside a guy he really delivers a pounding fuck that’s become something of a trademark.

He’s definitely one of the most popular boys of all the Staxus gang, and long may that continue!