It was inevitable that we had to get a Model Focus post on the blog for stunning boy Milan Sharp. No doubt you would all agree that this handsome and fit young star is more than deserving of such attention.

And speaking of attention, if you haven’t seen this STAXUS EXCLUSIVE in his latest flip flop fuck with Mark Fontana you really need to take a look. Be prepared, it’s an amazing scene – the fans agree.

Czech boy Milan arrived here way back in 2012, and since then he’s only become more and more popular. From the moment he arrived he was stealing hearts and encouraging boners all around the world, and on set.

He’s one of those boys all the new arrivals ask about, he’s one of those stars every new performer seems to have seen, and they all want to appear with him. It’s not just because he has a beautiful 8.5″ uncut cock to plunge into their holes, or that he has a snug little ass every top wants to plug with their own boner. They know he’s a lot of fun to shoot with too, and he really is an incredibly nice and cheerful guy who arrives on set and instantly makes everyone horny and happy!

He is undoubtedly one of the finest versatile performers we have ever had the pleasure to shoot with, and it’s hard to imagine that he used to be all about topping. Thankfully he tried bottoming once and discovered how good it can be and since then he’s been having a lot more fun in both roles.

So far he’s been in 42 videos for us, with some of the most amazing costars, and we expect to see plenty more of him in the future too.

I’ve grabbed some photos of some of his finest moments over the years for you to check out, but make sure you click through and watch the videos to really see how he performs. When you do, you’ll understand why he’s so adored by the members and his costars.