I think it’s about time we discussed this handsome boy on the blog and gave him his own Model Focus post.

Martin Rivers has become an incredibly popular young man since he arrived at the end of last year, and we can all understand why. He’s so handsome, and he has a great body, a gorgeous cock we would all love to play with, and an ass that he loves to have stuffed. To make things even better, he has a special appreciation for cummy facials to finish his videos – who in their right mind doesn’t love seeing a handsome twink being splashed with another boy’s juices?!

Although this sexy Czech boy started out as a bottom he’s been a top too. Watching him sliding his naked cock into Noah for only his second video was a treat that gained a lot of views, stars and comments.

Since then he’s appeared with all the best boys, and that’s apparently because many of them were requesting him. The feeling was mutual for all, too. Martin is one of those horny young guys who’s always looking for another hot young star to play with and he’s enjoyed seeing the other stars in their videos.

As mentioned on his profile page, he’s a technophobe. He doesn’t have a mobile phone, a laptop or a tablet, just an old desktop he uses from time to time to watch porn and learn things about the places he wants to visit. He loves travelling and although he’s only been local so far he wants to explore Europe eventually and visit the UK, America, Mexico, Canada and Japan, to name a few.

I think plenty of our members would love to go on a trip with him!

If you haven’t seen his videos yet I highly recommend clicking through and taking a look around.