He was a gorgeous, bendy, sexy and fleeting arrival on the Staxus site, but the exclusive Mark Nill really captured the attentions of the members and grew quite an impressive following during his short stint with us. I thought that although he wasn’t around with us for long he definitely needed a post on the blog, mainly because the videos he did appear in for us remain some of the most popular of 2012.

He’s a handsome and sexy young man I think we all agree. He’s a ballet dancer and was studying at the time he was appearing for us, and I think that might be one of the reasons for his leaving the business (assuming he has, I haven’t seen him anywhere since his last video for Staxus).

He really knew how to perform, he had the attitude and confidence for it, and he really did deliver some great scenes with other bareback twink boys and jocks like Tim Law, Dick Casey and Rudy Valentino.

One of the sexiest things about Mark Nill was his moves on video, being a ballet dancer he had the ability to really show himself off and give his partners some interesting positions and experiences. I think that was one of the things about him that made him so poplar, so quickly.

Anyway, wherever this Israeli boy is now, I hope he’s enjoying life and having a lot of fun too. He was a great performer for us and I think there are a few guys out there who hope he might come back some day to give us an encore. You never know!